Préparation à l'examen de certification

Configuration IPv4 et IPv6 des périphériques


Téléchargez le fichier CCAN1-training1.pka et complétez l'activité.



IPv4 Addressing


1. Divide the /24 network into 4 equal sized subnets

2. Use the 2nd subnet for the green network

3. Use the 4th subnet to create 4 smaller subnet for 14 hosts each.

    Use the first of the smaller subnets for the yellow network

4. The router get the first usable address in the subnet

5. The PCs get 5th and 6th, usable address in the green subnet,

    and the 5th in the yellow subnet

6. The switches get the last usable address in the subnet.

7. The server gets the second address in the subnet


IPv6 Addressing


Green Network: 2001:DB8:CCCC:1::/64

    R1 -- :1

    PC0 -- :A

    PC1 -- :B


Yellow Network: 2001:DB8:CCCC:2::/64

    R1 -- :1

    PC2 -- :A

    Server -- :F



    R1 -- FE80::1


Note:You will need to configure the router and both switches using the console connection and the desktop terminal program


Configuration Tasks


On R1, S1, S2:

1. hostnames: R1, S1, S2

2. Configure Routers and PCs interfaces with appropiate IPv4 addresses

3. Configure IPv4 switches on interface VLAN1

4. Configure Routers and PCs with appropriate IPv6 addresses


Test :

test connectivity between yellow network's PCs and green network's PCs